Every month, lucky makers of Timbuk2 custom bags will win a Timbuk2 Golden Ticket…

How to Enter the Timbuk2 Golden Ticket Contest

  1. Buy the custom Timbuk2 bag of your dreams.
  2. Stalk the UPS truck.
  3. Tear open your new bag and see if you've won a Golden Ticket.

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Behind the Scenes

The making of the Timbuk2 Golden Ticket movie in Timbuk2's San Francisco factory (aka very serious business).

Golden Ticket Winners

February: Kristin
March: Elizabeth
April: Michael
May: Juanita
June: Ben

Golden Ticket Q & A

How does one enter the Timbuk2 Golden Ticket Contest?
Throughout 2013, customers who design and purchase a custom, nondiscounted Timbuk2 bag* online on timbuk2.com or in a Timbuk2 retail store will be automatically entered to win a Timbuk2 Golden Ticket.

Where can Golden Tickets be found?
Timbuk2 Golden tickets can be found inside custom Timbuk2 bags after purchase. Whether the custom Timbuk2 bag is delivered to a shipping address or picked up at a Timbuk2 retail store, if that bag's owner is a lucky winner, the Golden Ticket will be found inside the bag.

What is the value of a Timbuk2 Golden Ticket?
Lucky recipients of the Timbuk2 Golden Ticket will receive a $300 Timbuk2 Gift Certificate and a tour of Timbuk2's San Francisco factory.**

How will Golden Ticket winners be selected?
Golden Ticket winners will be selected by the highly qualified Timbuk2 Golden Ticket Committee who will judge and select winners based on the custom product's rarity, beauty, and funk.

How Many Golden tickets are there?
There are 15 Golden Tickets to be found. One lucky winner from a timbuk2.com custom order per month and one lucky winner from a Timbuk2 retail store custom order every three months will win a Golden Ticket, for a total of 15 through December 31st, 2014.

How do I redeem my Golden Ticket?
If you are holding a Golden Ticket in your hand, then you are a lucky winner of the Timbuk2 Golden Ticket Contest. Congratulations! To redeem your Golden Ticket, email your name, order number, and a photo of you with your Golden Ticket to goldenticket@timbuk2.com within ten days of receiving the Golden Ticket. The oompa loompas will take it from there.

*Excludes all custom bags discounted by 30% or more, non-custom bags, sleeves, and other products.
**See official rules here.

See more behind the scenes action of the Timbuk2 Golden Ticket movie here.

Timbuk2 Golden Ticket Contest Official Rules

  • There is no chocolate associated with the Timbuk2 Golden Ticket, but we support the eating of chocolate, especially the good stuff.
  • More official rules here.