Welcome friends of Shire!

You've received a coupon for a Medium TIMBUK2 Custom Commute Bag.

Included Upgrades (Additional cost)
Ballistic nylon colors Specialty fabrics ($15-$25 per panel)
Timbuk2 swirl color Beerdaleer ($10)
Liner color Shag bag ($18)
Binding color 2-way ($20)
Body color Dime bag ($12)
Laptop compartment Free Ground shipping

Here's How to Do It!

  1. Follow Bag Builder steps to create your bag.
  2. Add the bag to cart.
  3. Enter bill to and ship to information*.
  4. Put secret code in "Discount Code" field.
  5. Await coolest bag ever to arrive at your doorstep.

* YOU will NOT need to give your credit card unless there are upgrades, accessories or sales tax on the upgrades & accessories (CA only)



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