Corporate Sales

Welcome Friends of Q Branch!

You've received a coupon for a span class="stylehinline">Small TIMBUK2 Custom Laptop Messenger Bag.

Included Upgrades (Additional cost)
Ballistic nylon colors Specialty fabrics ($15-$25 per panel)
Timbuk2 swirl color Beerdaleer ($10)
Liner color Strap pad ($7-$20)
Binding color 2-way ($20)
Laptop insert Dime bag ($12)
Reflective tabs or tails Shag bag ($18)
Free Ground shipping Compression straps ($10)

Here's How to Do It!

  1. Follow Bag Builder steps to create your bag.
  2. Add the bag to cart.
  3. Enter bill to and ship to information*.
  4. Put secret code in "Discount Code" field.
  5. Await coolest bag ever to arrive at your doorstep.

* YOU will NOT need to give your credit card unless there are upgrades, accessories or sales tax on the upgrades & accessories (CA only).

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