Timbuk2 Values

Our Values

Give a Damn

Give a damn about our people, products, community, and the environment.

What, where, and how we make products matter. We design for initial consumption, repair, reuse, repurposing, and recycling to maximize utility. We think about the future and take our role in shaping it seriously.


Be rock solid -- someone to trust -- and always get it done.

We can lean hard on each other because we get it done. "I'm on it." means it's getting done. We don't worry or wonder, because we know. This reliability frees us to forge ahead without looking back.

Be Nimble

Anticipate, adapt, evolve, and always move forward.

We thrive by moving forward. So when we feel stuck, we do what it takes to forge ahead because progress feels good, new things keep us young, and our customers deserve the best, always.


Listen to our customers and each other and swing into action.

We take listening seriously, because we want to be heard. We listen because great ideas are all around us and it would be wasteful to miss them. We listen because we respect our customers and we respect each other. And we pause before we speak, because listening is exhausting.

Be Fearless

Innovate, take risks, lead, and ask for permission later.

We are comfortable being uncomfortable, we dive into ambiguity, design for the future, have no patience for permission slips, and expect bold, swift moves and fresh, positive solutions. We respect the rules, but sometimes they require breaking them.

Lighten Up

Lighten up: Keep it light when things get heavy.

We work hard, but never want to take ourselves or our products too seriously. So we surround ourselves with dogs and bikes, build whimsy into our products, and revel in all things San Francisco to remind ourselves of what is big and small.