Our Promise

Designed for the City

Built for the modern urbanite with places to go and people to see.

Made for the Digital Nomad

Born of bike messenger culture, Timbuk2 bags we’re created to get stuff across town with ease. Each product is built to perform in the city, first, everywhere else, second. Once and only once this design challenge has been met, does the painstaking process of construction and craft begin. Each bag flows through a cycle of uncompromising care, craftsmanship, and serious product testing, resulting in a product you can trust.

It Starts with the Bare Minimum

It Starts with the Bare Minimum

Using just enough high quality materials like Bluesign fabrics and smart, efficient construction techniques, ensure that are products are low on waste and high on value. The goal is to maintain the hightest level of quality while keeping the waste low and the cost competitve. If it won’t last or is toxic in any way, we simply won’t use it.

Rigorous Testing... In the City

Rigorous Testing... In the City

Our strict product testing is aimed at ensuring that each product we manufacture will stand up to everyday use in the city and beyond. Types of testing include tensile strength, stitch and thread tests, usability, colorfast, and abrasion tests. When all is said and done, the strongest design survives and moves on to get the full fit and finish.

Get it Repaired

Get it Repaired

Thanks to your lifetime warranty, Timbuk2 will repair any/all Timbuk2 products whenever possible. We'll do our best to restore your product's health and maintain its good looks, but no promises on color matching.

Not sure if your bag can be repaired? Send a few images of your bag to repairs@timbuk2.com and we'll take a look.

Want to fix it yourself? Awesome. Have a look for the Parts

When it's Over...Really Over

We partner with Yerdle and local non-profits to find new homes for products you no longer need. Login to Yerdle to find your bag a new home or follow the recycling instruction below and we’ll do it for you.
Our partner Terracycle turns beyond-use bags into new materials.

To Recycle Your Bag

Select It: Identify the Timbuk2 bag you wish to reuse. Note: mind your manners. We give your bag to someone in need; no one wants a disgusting bag.
Pack It: Fill out this form. Stuff your bag into a shipping bag or box with your lifecycle number, which you'll recieve via email, and we'll send you a discount code to help replace your bag. Optional: Include a note to your bag's future owner!

Address it to:
Attention: Timbuk2 Lifecycle
2394 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Get the bag to us. Ship it or bring it to a store.
San Francisco: 506 Hayes Street
Seattle: 1532 7th Avenue
Denver: 1411 Larimer Street
Chicago: 1623 North Damen Avenue
Toronto: 359 Queen Street West
Venice Beach: 1410 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Portland: 1142 South West Stark Street

Timbuk2 will email you a coupon code within 3-5 business days of receiving your recycled bag and as soon as we have a pallet full of recycle bags, we'll send them to TerraCycle's California-based recycling facility.