It was never about the bags.

It was 1989. Timbuk2’s founder, Rob Honeycutt, was a freethinking, freewheeling bike messenger in San Francisco. He fell in love with the functionality and utility of the messenger bag and wanted it to be accessible to all. In the heart of the eclectic Mission District neighborhood, the Classic Messenger Bag was born.

But it was never really about bags - it was what the messenger bag made possible. A new community of urban nomads emerged, moving fluidly through the chaos, pivoting from meetings to meetups, outsmarting the challenges of the city.

Thirty years on, we’re still taking meaningful risks, building quality bags and giving a damn about the world around us, with a keen eye on the past and the future.

We take our
responsibility to the
city personally.

  • We take our
    responsibility to the
    city personally.

    We live here.

    We recycle here. We give a damn and are committed to urban progress. Through the below sustainability programs, we've sent ZERO Timbuk2 bags to landfills since 2014, and thousands of bags have been repaired or repurposed. We take our commitments seriously.

    Lifetime warranty.

    We build Timbuk2 products to last and stand behind our legendary quality. It starts at the design level with uncompromising craftsmanship. We then source sustainably produced materials from bluesign® certified mills and test extensively for durability. Timbuk2 products are built to last a lifetime and we support them through their complete lifecycle. All Timbuk2 bags and accessories come with our lifetime warranty. Forever.

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  • Renew.

    When bags are beyond cleaning, repair, or donation, we send your bag to our partner The Renewal Workshop, who will make them functionally fabulous again for their next life. Anything beyond repair is turned into upcycled materials or recycling feedstock.


    Life (and holes) happen. Repairing bags is one step above recycling, because it is more environmentally friendly to fix what has already been made. Our San Francisco team is proud to repair over 6,000 bags a year. We also fully support our customers who want to do DIY repairs. Our library of spare parts is available to you here, and you can find our DIY guides on iFixit here.

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  • Getting it right the first time ensures it lasts a lifetime.

    Design ethos.

    We hire fresh thinkers with industrial, fashion and outdoor design backgrounds who bring their vision to create what we believe are the world’s best damn bags. This creative mash-up aligns with an outward eye to street, runway and technical influences that empowers them to ​merge style and ​purpose. The resulting products are highly functional, ​express individuality and deliver a great place to stash your keys.

    We’ve always offered ​our community an opportunity to participate as designers. Our bag customizer provides a canvas on which you can create a unique bag that speaks to your story.​ With billions of combinations, no bag or ​person is alike.