Deconstructed: An Art Show by Timbuk2

On August 15 2019, at the Timbuk2 Garage in the Mission District, we hosted Deconstructed: An Art Show, featuring works by the crew at Timbuk2 and close friends of the brand. Over 200 friends, family, community folks, and furry companions came out to support the event.

Jen Larkin

Dylan Maddux


Richard Goodwin

Prince Masong

Meryl Pataky

Jessica Gonzales

Rudy Rocha

Fernanda Marchant & Shawn Fortner

Fernanda Marchant & Shawn Fortner

Nelson Garcia

Nelson Garcia

Eric Bailey

Jessica Lim

Mansur Nurullah

Katelyn Krueger

Berto Hurtado

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Many thanks to everyone who came out, and big ups to everyone who helped to put on the event, including our tasty partners:


Photos: Courtesy of Jan Swazye

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