Our Commitment to Quality

Built to Last a Lifetime

While not the most profitable way of doing business, it’s the right way.

Make it well. Or don’t make it.

Timbuk2 products are built to last a lifetime; it’s not uncommon for Timbuk2 bags to outlast relationships, jobs, and even pets (meow).
We select materials that are tough enough for whatever life throws at you, we recycle bags you’re ready to break up with, and our Lifetime Warranty covers any defects or tragic fails you may encounter over time.

Quality Materials

Quality Materials

A touch of this, a hit of that, it takes a lot of webbing and weave to make a Timbuk2 product. But each material counts. We evaluate the performance and durability of our materials by testing their tensile strength, seam slippage, water column, tear abrasion, ball burst, mullens, colorfastness, and other sexy things. Only materials that meet pass our rigorous testing earn the right to be integrated into Timbuk2 products.

We also evaluate the environmental impact of our materials. We do not – we will not! – use materials considered toxic by the global community. In addition to regularly assessing the materials we use, we constantly hunt for newer, better materials solutions. Finding the perfect fabric or binding is challenging but oh so necessary.

Skilled Textile Workers

Skilled Textile Workers

Great materials are nothing without the skilled hands to put them together and making something beautiful. Every day, our skilled textile workers in San Francisco, Taiwan and Vietnam work tirelessly to make the best product they can. Pride at Timbuk2 is in full supply and we all love what we do and are paid well for it.

Our founder Rob Honeycutt put it nicely when he said, “People are happy when they’re allowed to do great work. So I just let them do their work.” That philosophy continues today.

Trained to the Timbuk2 way along with years of textile manufacturing experience, Timbuk2 workers are among the finest workers the regions have to offer.

Warrantied to Last

Warrantied for Life

Timbuk2 products have a Lifetime warranty; we stand behind the legendary quality and craftsmanship of all our products. We also embrace the wild, twisty ways of life. If there is a defect in the materials or workmanship we will repair the bag at our discretion. Damages not covered are those resulting from abuse, normal wear and tear, cosmetic damages that do not affect the functionality of the bag (such as scratches or stained fabrics). Any damage to, loss of the contents of a bag, loss of use, loss of time, or similar expenses are not covered. The lifetime warranty also does not include our apparel products, such as Timbuk2 t-shirts and hoodies.

Your Timbuk2 bag is sewn by hand and might contain some slight imperfections. Like Daniel Craig or Marilyn Monroe, the slight imperfections are what add character to an already awesome product.

We Love Color—Especially Green.

We love doing right by the environment and maintaining a sustainable process.
Here are just a few ways that we practice that.

GRS Approved

GRS Approved

The Global Standard applies to a product`s full supply chain and addresses traceability, environmental principles, social requirements, and labeling.

Learn more about GRS



The Bluesign standard is an independent industry textile standard that can be applied to the entire textile production chain to deliver certainty of environmental impact. 100% of Timbuk2’s primary materials – external materials and liners – are Bluesign. Timbuk2 continually strives to use Bluesign materials wherever possible.

Learn more about our Bluesign materials

Made from Recycled Materials

Made from Recycled Materials

Fabric & liner are made 100% recycled PET yarn from plastic bottles; saving energy, waste water & air pollution. Other Materials have been recycled or reground.

Learn more our bag’s life cycle

Eco-Friendly Offices

We do our best to be good to our neighbors and tread lightly on the planet while raging on our jobs.
Timbuk2 provides recycling bins at every employee desk, in common areas, the kitchen, and the factory to facilitate recycling. We also provide cutlery, plates, bowls, and glasses for use by our employees.

Recycle All Fabric Scraps

Recycle All Fabric Scraps

Timbuk2 fabric scraps are picked up and recycled on a monthly basis by a local scrap recycler.

Food & Compost

Food & Compost

Timbuk2 accepts twice-weekly delivery of organic dairy products and prepared foods from a neighborhood grocery store. Timbuk2 subsidizes 50% of the cost of the food to encourage employees to eat healthy, local food. We compost all food waste in Timbuk2 headquarters.

Local Coffee & Tea

Local Coffee & Tea

Timbuk2 provides coffee and tea for all employees and in doing so, eliminates the use of disposable coffee cups among its employees. The coffee beans are roasted in San Francisco and delivered by bicycle and the tea is mixed by a San Francisco vendor.

Timbuk2 Bike Commuters Rejoice

More than 50% of the Timbuk2 crew regularly cycle to work work with their customized bags and laptop backpacks. Timbuk2 helps make that possible by providing loaner bikes, ample indoor bike parking, an pre-tax monthly stipend for cyclists, and on-site showers.

Loaner Bikes

Timbuk2 has three team bikes in Timbuk2 headquarters that employees and guests are welcome to ride at any time. The loaner bikes encourage and facilitate cycling for exercise and energy efficiency.

Employee Reimbursement

Timbuk2 provides a monthly pre-tax credit of $20 for all employees who cycle to work. The credit automatically applies to participating employee paychecks and is intended to fund regular bike maintenance, therefore making cycling to/from Timbuk2 headquarters safe and affordable.


Timbuk2's Bikeshare program is live in the Timbuk2 San Francisco store and in our Seattle store. We give you the gear, you ride off into the neighborhood to run errands, wave at envious friends and generally look fabulous on your free ride.

Learn more about Bikeshare

Bike Parking

Timbuk2 provides in-office bike parking for all riders. The aluminium bike racks were custom made by a local metal worker so they look hot, but importantly they keep our bikes safe and prevent bike parking chaos.