Loud & Proud

We’re TIMBUK2. Born and bred in San Francisco. This is our story.

Warrantied for Life

Founded by SF bike messenger Rob Honeycutt, TIMBUK2 created the iconic messenger bag in 1989. Since then, we've been making bags built to last a lifetime right here in the Mission District.

The T2 Story

It Was Never About Bags

What began as a commitment to craft and local manufacturing became a revolution in business practices. Learn about how Rob’s unique vision transformed the manufacturing process.


Urban Progress By Design

Better products. Better communities. Better cities. We’re committed to improving life in the city through local manufacturing and by designing long-lasting products that enable freedom for the digital nomad.

Keep it Local

Keep it local

Manufacture within the city and be an active member of the community.

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Guaranteed for Life

Warrantied for Life

As long as you own it, we will repair it.

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Designed for the City

Designed for the City

Pay attention to how people live, then design accordingly.

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Future Shapers

At TIMBUK2, we stand by creativity as the answer to the challenges facing us around the corner of time. We champion the individuals that set out everyday, to shake up the status quo and enable greater access, opportunity, and equality for the next generation of future shapers. Be fearless. Ask for permission later.


Things We All Can Be Proud Of

Modesty is the best policy. But these are facts we think anyone can appreciate.

Zero bags tossed in the last two years
2nd largest manufacturer in San Francisco
Wrote the book on custom. Nike even came to us to find out how to do Nike ID.