Soggy Buns

When it rains, we help fight soggy buns with special Timbuk2 bike seat covers. Your buns have been warned!


Find yourself with impossibly dry buns in Seattle? Bring your Timbuk2 bike seat cover into the new Timbuk2 store at 7th and Pine and get 20% off your Timbuk2 order. One-time use per customer.

Not so Soggy?

Other ways to use Timbuk2 bike seat covers:

Got ideas? Send photos of clever alternate uses for your bike seat cover to .

The Original Fight Against Soggy Buns

Fighting soggy buns in San Francisco:

Share Your Buns

Spotted Timbuk2 bun-fighting in a city near you? Send your photos to so we can show the world that together we can fight soggy buns, one bike seat a time.