Submit Your Pics

Want to see your photos on Here's what you gotta do:

Step 1: Shoot

Take a photo of your bag, you wearing your bag, your cat in your bag, or pour all the stuff out of your bag and take a "Whats in your bag" shot. It doesn't matter what size the photo is, we'll crop it to fit the site.

Step 2: Post

  • Go to and login or sign up.
  • Upload the photo as "public".

Step 3: Describe

  • Tag: Tag your photo(s) so we can find them: "timbuk2 submit".
  • Title: Assign an appropriate title to each of your photos.
  • Description: Include the size and style (classic messenger, cargo tote, commute, etc.) of the bag featured in your pic. If you're feeling extra motivated, include the story/inspiration behind your photo.

Step 4: Relax

Save this batch. You're done. Timbuk2 will ping you through Flickr when your photo gets called up to the majors.