Grateful Dead Collection

Dead Heads Rejoice!

The Grateful Dead Collection of 2019 fuses the sound of the 1960s global cultural movement and the grooves of a new generation.

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Merging styles and cultures, these three bags feature special tear away pouches and dizzying armies of dancing bears, customized lightning skulls, and a range of psychedelic prints. The collection is rooted in the youth revolution of a bygone era, but reimagined for today’s generation of optimistic youth. The entire Grateful Dead line comes fully decked from the inside out with removable front pouches that sport a custom-embroidered Timbuk2 swirl “Steal Your Face” velcro patch and a smart clear window for easy-scanning of concert tickets or commuter passes.

“Grateful Dead is the epitome of the culture clash gone right", says Andrea Chynoweth, Timbuk2's Global Creative Director, and resident Dead Head, "Fusing rock, folk, country, bluegrass, blues, gospel, jazz, reggae, psychedelic and space rock, the Bay Area group was the sound of a global movement in the sixties. Not only have the Dead stayed relevant over the past 50 years, but have continued to grow and attract a younger audience of audiophiles and style junkies, whom we believe this collection will speak to.”

This collection has sold out, but we were just too damn excited about this content to take it down. Rock on!

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