A Letter From Our President

To the Timbuk2 Community,

As the spread of the COVID-19 continues, we are tracking how close its impact is to our communities and our loved ones. Each state and city across the US is different, and the impact fluctuates week by week. While we track the progress of testing, the rate of infection, and the impact on our medical community, we at Timbuk2 are committed to doing our part. We continue to partner with the San Francisco maker-community, with SF-based sports and media teams to transform all of our collective resources into protective masks for those in want and in need.

While our Timbuk2 headquarters, retail stores, and our factory continue to abide by Northern California’s shelter-in-place orders, a gathering of talented volunteers have been coming together to make masks. We are partnering with friends and colleagues across the city and across the globe to satisfy the seemingly bottomless demand for protective gear. We honor the professionals in the front lines of this pandemic and we honor the families who support those in the front lines. After we fulfill the donations to which we have committed, we will also sell the masks we are creating. Our first priority however, is to contribute to the need and the safety of front-line professionals on whom we all count to see the way forward. I am comforted by the camaraderie we share and the values by which we operate:

  • Give a Damn about you; you are our community
  • Engage with you; we live for the opportunity to serve you
  • Be Fearless in the face of great unknowns, and doing the right thing
  • Be Nimble and always move forward
  • Deliver for you; trust us to get it done
  • Lighten Up and keep it light when things get heavy

Please stay in good health. Thank you for your business and loyalty. We look forward to seeing you in the bike lane (on the other side).

Deborah Palmer Keiser

President, Timbuk2


Our Response to the COVID-19 Crisis