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We recognize that our high-quality resellers invest time and resources to deliver an extraordinary customer experience through knowledgeable staff and compelling vendor presentation. To support our resellers’ efforts, Timbuk2 wishes to establish policies that allow resellers to earn the profits necessary to maintain the high level of customer excellence people have come to expect from Timbuk2 resellers. In order to successfully compete in the marketplace and to maintain its premium brand image, Timbuk2 (Seller) has announced this Unilateral Policy. Hereafter, all advertisements for sales from Authorized Resellers to End Users inside the United States of the products set forth in Seller’s Unilateral Price Grid shall be subject to this Unilateral Policy.

Unilateral Advertised Price Policy



Seller products covered and their coordinating minimum advertised prices are set forth in the Unilateral Price Grid attached, or shall be delivered or otherwise made available by Seller to the Authorized Reseller. Seller reserves the right from time to time to alter, modify, suspend, or cancel this Unilateral Policy, the products covered, and/or the minimum advertised prices.

This policy does not restrict the Authorized Reseller’s right to establish independent resale and advertised prices of Seller products. Seller reserves the right to determine whether an Authorized Reseller has advertised Seller’s products at a price less than the minimum price established by this Unilateral Policy. Upon such determination Seller may, without assuming any liability, cancel all orders and may indefinitely refuse to accept new orders from the Authorized Reseller.

This policy has been unilaterally adopted by Seller. Seller neither solicits nor will it accept assurances by an Authorized Reseller of acquiescence with this policy. Nothing in this policy shall constitute an agreement between Seller and any Authorized Reseller of compliance with this policy. The Authorized Reseller within its own discretion can choose to acquiesce or not acquiesce with this policy. Seller will not discuss conditions of acceptance related to this policy. This policy is non-negotiable and will not be altered, modified, or amended for any Authorized Reseller.

Combining a Product(s) from the Unilateral Price Grid with any other product for a sales price lower than the combined price of what the two (2) products could be purchased independent of each other shall not constitute acquiescence with Seller's Unilateral Policy.

The issuance of non-Seller announced rebates (in any form) on a Product(s) listed in the Unilateral Price Grid shall not constitute acquiescence with Seller's Unilateral Policy.

Advertising that requests the End User to "see price in cart," "click to see price," "add to cart for best price," "why we do not show a price?" or a price that is struck through or no price is listed or any language or graphic representation that implies, or from which the End User can infer, that the End User click through to the cart to see a price lower than that set forth in the Unilateral Price Grid shall not constitute acquiescence with Seller’s Unilateral Policy.

The offer of free shipping or financing on product(s) in the Unilateral Price Grid shall constitute acquiescence with Seller's Unilateral Policy.

The offer of a gift card redeemable for value on a future purchase with the purchase of product(s) in the Unilateral Price Grid shall constitute acquiescence with Seller's Unilateral Policy.

Seller, from time to time within its sole discretion, may announce promotion prices and bundles of the products listed in the Unilateral Price Grid which shall constitute acquiescence with Seller's Unilateral Policy.

Seller’s sales personnel have no authority to modify or grant exceptions to this policy. All questions regarding interpretation of this policy should be directed to the Seller Policy Coordinator at:

Each Timbuk2 Authorized Reseller has the right to determine its own advertised and resale prices of all Timbuk2 products.

For more information, our super pro Dealer Service team is at the ready. Email us at or give us a ring at 888–Timbuk2.

2018 Authorized Promotional Periods

Dates SKUs Max % Off
5/25–31/2018 All Inline SKUs 30%
8/31–9/3/2018 All Inline SKUs 30%
11/11/2018 All Inline SKUs 30%
11/17–27/2018 All Inline SKUs 50%

Discounted merchandise

  • » Product that is not carrying forward for Fall 2018 can be marked down starting 7/1/18 and goes discontinued 8/1/18
  • » Product that is not carrying forward for Spring 2019 can be marked down starting 1/1/18 and goes discontinued 2/1/19

Active SKU List (7/1/2018-12/31/2018)

SKU Product Description UP Price
306-3-2007 Spire 15-Inch MacBook Laptop Backpack New Black OS $99
422-3-2001 Rogue Laptop Backpack Black OS $79
544-2-2000 Copilot Luggage Roller Black S $209
544-4-2000 Copilot Luggage Roller Black M $225
544-7-2000 Copilot Luggage Roller Black XL $299
462-4-2001 Especial Messenger Black M $179
462-6-2001 Especial Messenger Black L $199
435-3-2001 Especial Medio Cycling Laptop Backpack Black OS $179
437-3-2001 Especial Tres Cycling Backpack Black OS $209
1010-3-2000 Tuck Pack Black OS $79
1010-3-5401 Tuck Pack Nautical/Bixi OS $79
1572-3-6114 Tandem Pannier Jet Black OS $129
1108-2-6114 Classic Messenger Jet Black S $89
1354-3-6114 Robin Pack Jet Black OS $179
1108-4-6114 Classic Messenger Jet Black M $99
1387-3-6114 Parker Pack Jet Black OS $219
1387-3-4730 Parker Pack Surplus OS $219
1354-3-4730 Robin Pack Surplus OS $179
544-4-4730 Co-Pilot Surplus M $225
1108-4-2003 Classic Messenger Gunmetal M $99
1344-3-6114 Stark Messenger Jet Black OS $159
1108-1-6114 Classic Messenger Jet Black XS $79
1736-3-6114 Ramble Pack Jet Black OS $89
1365-3-6114 Clark Pack Jet Black OS $229
1984-4-9048 Classic Messenger Print Triangle Emboss M $109
576-3-6114 Rapid Pack Jet Black OS $89
1736-3-5401 Ramble Pack Nautical/Bixi OS $89
1108-2-2003 Classic Messenger Gunmetal S $89
1108-6-6114 Classic Messenger Jet Black L $109
1984-2-9048 Classic Messenger Print Triangle Emboss S $99
1365-3-4730 Clark Pack Surplus OS $229
1398-3-6114 Bruce Pack Jet Black OS $249
384-3-6114 Parkside Jet Black OS $69
544-2-4730 Co-Pilot Surplus S $209
551-3-4274 Raider Pack Olivine OS $89
384-3-4730 Parkside Surplus OS $69
576-3-4274 Rapid Pack Olivine OS $89
1142-3-6114 Alemany Pannier Jet Black OS $129
1572-3-4730 Tandem Pannier Surplus OS $129
1108-6-2003 Classic Messenger Gunmetal L $109
2542-3-6114 Blink Pack Jet Black OS $119
2542-3-4730 Blink Pack Surplus OS $119
1849-3-1909 The Division Pack Fog OS $109
2580-3-6114 Wander Pack Jet Black OS $179
1849-3-1165 The Division Pack Jet Black Static OS $109
1849-3-6114 The Division Pack Jet Black OS $109
1010-3-6426 Tuck Pack Rebel OS $79
1108-2-6634 Classic Messenger Army S $89
2580-3-4730 Wander Pack Surplus OS $179
1974-4-6370 Classic Messenger Tres Colores Bluebird M $99
1108-4-6634 Classic Messenger Army M $99
551-3-6114 Raider Pack Jet Black OS $89
1974-2-6370 Classic Messenger Tres Colores Bluebird S $89
1815-3-1165 The Authority Pack Jet Black Static OS $129
2553-3-6114 Blitz Pack Jet Black OS $139
2523-4-6114 Quest Duffel Jet Black M $129
1974-4-1316 Classic Messenger Tres Colores Cinder M $99
1108-1-6634 Classic Messenger Army XS $79
589-2-6114 The Tripper Jet Black S $99
2523-2-6114 Quest Duffel Jet Black S $99
1974-2-1316 Classic Messenger Tres Colores Cinder S $89
2529-4-6114 Quest Rolling Duffel Jet Black M $199
1810-4-1165 The Closer Case Jet Black Static M $159
1810-2-1165 The Closer Case Jet Black Static S $149
2529-6-6114 Quest Rolling Duffel Jet Black L $219
2523-4-4730 Quest Duffel Surplus M $129
2523-2-4730 Quest Duffel Surplus S $99
1810-4-1909 The Closer Case Fog M $159
589-2-6426 The Tripper Rebel S $99
507-3-6426 Forge Tote Rebel OS $99
507-3-6114 Forge Tote Jet Black OS $99
8532-3-1042 Launch Pack Blue Wish OS $129
8532-3-5894 Launch Pack Golden OS $129
9020-3-6114 Lightweight Pannier Jet Black OS $99
1815-3-6114 The Authority Pack Jet Black OS $129
1849-3-1314 The Division Pack Storm OS $109
8532-3-1096 Launch Pack Graphite OS $129
1815-3-1314 The Authority Pack Storm OS $129
5986-3-6114 Recruit Pack Jet Black OS $119
7368-3-6114 Drift Knapsack Jet Black OS $129
1101-2-2158 Maze Classic Messenger Jet Black Woven Reflective S $149
2232-3-1096 Mission Sling Graphite OS $89
8532-3-4274 Launch Pack Olivine OS $129
5986-3-6634 Recruit Pack Army OS $119
1010-3-7478 Tuck Pack Toxic OS $79
2185-3-6114 Lug Knapsack Jet Black OS $139
7368-3-6634 Drift Knapsack Army OS $129
2185-3-4274 Lug Knapsack Olivine OS $139
8818-4-9998 Muttmover Light Jet Black Light Rip M $159
1815-3-7941 The Authority Pack Oxide Heather OS $129
1849-3-7941 The Division Pack Oxide Heather OS $109
1810-4-7941 The Closer Case Oxide Heather M $159
1815-3-1909 The Authority Pack Fog OS $129
1974-4-1814 Classic Messenger Tres Colores Grove M $99
6270-3-6114 Parcel Tote Jet Black OS $149
5416-3-6114 Deploy Convertible Pack Jet Black OS $179
3921-3-6114 Adapt Crossbody Jet Black OS $89
1810-4-6114 The Closer Case Jet Black M $159
1010-3-2422 Tuck Pack Granite OS $79
3921-3-6634 Adapt Crossbody Army OS $89
1704-3-6114 Catapult Sling Jet Black OS $49
576-3-7345 Rapid Pack Pacific OS $89
1736-3-2422 Ramble Pack Granite OS $89
1620-3-6114 Swig Jet Black OS $129
859-4-1095 Seat Pack Xt Jet Black Reflective M $40
1620-3-5177 Swig Bookish OS $129
1528-4-6114 Goody Box Jet Black M $35
859-2-6114 Seat Pack Xt Jet Black S $28
252-3-1560 Uptown Concrete OS $119
396-3-1560 Q Concrete OS $99
5630-3-4854 Never Check Duffel Night Sky OS $259
805-6-2001 3 Way Black L $25
1815-3-5318 The Authority Pack Twilight OS $129
5314-3-9998 Parker Pack Light Jet Black Light Rip OS $219
384-3-1560 Parkside Concrete OS $69
1849-3-5318 The Division Pack Twilight OS $109
1620-3-4921 Swig Cloud OS $129
1108-2-5401 Classic Messenger Nautical/Bixi S $89
8532-3-3137 Launch Pack Jet Black Quilted OS $159
2232-3-4274 Mission Sling Olivine OS $89
1620-3-6426 Swig Rebel OS $129
5620-3-4854 Never Check Expandable Backpack Night Sky OS $199
5635-3-4854 Never Check 22" Spinner Night Sky OS $289
1108-2-6426 Classic Messenger Rebel S $89
2189-3-6114 Tote Rucksack Jet Black OS $129
9020-3-1218 Lightweight Pannier Flare OS $99
1101-4-2158 Maze Classic Messenger Jet Black Woven Reflective M $169
4759-3-9998 Robin Pack Light Jet Black Light Rip OS $179
1108-4-5177 Classic Messenger Bookish M $99
1108-4-5401 Classic Messenger Nautical/Bixi M $99
6270-3-3137 Parcel Tote Jet Black Quilted OS $169
1810-2-5318 The Closer Case Twilight S $149
252-3-2342 Uptown Forest OS $119
1108-4-7997 Classic Messenger Collegiate Red M $99
5986-3-8321 Recruit Pack Shade OS $119
1810-2-1314 The Closer Case Storm S $149
1108-4-4921 Classic Messenger Cloud M $99
1101-4-1482 Maze Classic Messenger Flare Woven Reflective M $169
8532-3-6071 Launch Pack Cement Felted OS $159
1108-2-4921 Classic Messenger Cloud S $89